University Culture

Infusing a University-Going Culture in Ventura County

  • Meet University Mentor Jenine

    Mentor Jenine

    I grew up always knowing that I was going to college because the university-going culture was part of my family. My grandparents immigrated…Read More

  • Meet University Mentor Raul

    Mentor Raul

    I come from family of three, where neither of my parents attended college. Financially my family has always struggled…Read More

  • Meet University Mentor Ana

    Mentor Ana

    My name is Ana and when I was in high school, going to a 4-year university was not really in my plans. When I attended Pacifica High School, I…Read More

  • Meet University Mentor MacKenzie

    Mentor MacKenzie

    College? What's that? How do I apply? These were the very simple yet overwhelming questions I faced during my junior and senior years of high school…Read More

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