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Hometown: Novato, California
Major: Psychology
Graduation Date: May, 2017
Career Plans: Go into the field of Clinical Psychology

My parents had the expectation for me to go to college right after high school especially since my older sister was the first person in our family to attend college. Both my parents and my sister emigrated from Mexico to the live the “American Dream” and to create a better life for their future. During my High School career I was a typical teenager who was trying to look for myself, getting into trouble and was trying to have fun with my friends. Even though I know my parents expected me to go to college I did not have the motivation to actually do it by myself. While my parents’ sacrifices and their lectures about having a higher education was still in the back of my head, as a teenager, I had other things on my mind that I thought were more important. Although I felt pressure from my family I did not know where to start or finish until I found a community resource that helped me get started and be there with me along the way to the finish line. This nonprofit-organization also helped me overcome personal challenges I was facing in high school which were affecting my grades at school. They inspired me to help other students who are facing challenges in their personal life and overcome them. They also inspired me to help students who lack resources, whether they come from low-income families or are the first in their family on the college path. Ultimately, they inspired me to get me to the place where I am now.

After high school I attend CSU Channel Islands, which was a six hour drive away from home. The transition to college was bittersweet for me. Leaving my family was hardest thing to do and to know that I would not see them until the holidays was upsetting, but it also made me appreciate home, not take things for granted and from the experience, I gained independence. College can be very challenging, not only to move away from home, but in academics, social life, financial aid and managing time. These are some of the challenges I faced my first year in college and I am here to say you can overcome it and gain wisdom from these experiences and become a college student. I am here to help students who cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, give them the resources to success and to help them overcome their own challenges. I would love to give back to the youth community and provide guidance towards the college path. I am here to be that resource for YOU!