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Hometown: Oxnard, California
Major: Health Sciences
Graduation Date: May, 2017
Career Plans: Physician Assistant

My name is Arturo Lobato. Being a first generation student, I am the first in my family to pursue a higher education instead of only obtaining my high school diploma. I come from a family of six and the thought of attending a university wasn’t well known at home. My last two years of high school were challenging because I had to balance school assignments along with completing college applications.

As the application process came, I was lost and confused about not knowing how to apply to universities, how to apply for financial aid, and where to go for college information. It was difficult not having a role model in my family that would guide me throughout my university experience. With the desire to attend a university, I took action and went out to find all the resources needed to begin the process. I began to look at the requirements for several universities though their websites. I also met with my counselor every so often to make sure I understood the steps and requirements. Going through this process was challenging but it was worth it because if I didn’t do it, I would not be where I am today.

I want to let YOU know that I am here to help YOU get to a four year university. I want to guide you through this new experience and show you that getting a higher education is possible because no matter how challenging it may look, if I can do it— then so can YOU!