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Hello! My name is Diana and I am the youngest, and first of two siblings to go straight to a four-year university. Since the beginning of high school, my dad always encouraged me to go to a four year university. As a first generation college student, it was difficult understanding the different types of resources that were available to me. Attending a predominantly White high school, the teachers and administrators didn’t realize that not all families were aware of the college going process. I found myself having a difficult time filling out forms and would stress over all the different deadlines. I wasn’t able to turn to my family for help because they weren’t familiar with the process. Due to not being aware of the help that was available to me, I did not apply to scholarships that would have helped pay for college expenses. Eventually, with the help of friends and my older cousin, I managed to have an understanding of how to apply for financial aid and send in the proper forms in order to get accepted to CSU Channel Islands (CI). However, going through the difficult process has made me aware that there is assistance available to me and I now understand how important it is to seek help.

I applied to CI because the campus was beautiful, small and far enough from home. In order to succeed at CI I’ve gotten more involved around campus. I’ve decided to join clubs, volunteer for different events, and take advantage of the resources that are made available to me. Although I’m undecided as to what career I want to follow, I’ve taken up Sociology as my major. Learning about how society has been molded and how small social issues can be connected globally is very interesting and engaging to learn about.

What I hope to get out from working with University Culture, is knowing that I’ve made an effort to help high school students that are in stressful situations that I was once in. I want to provide assistance to someone that needs it in order to help them succeed.