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Hometown: North Hollywood, California
Major: Political Science
Graduation Date: Spring 2016
Career Plans: Become a Lawyer

Knowledge has always been a concept that I have carried close to my heart, partly because it has been the single concept that has remained the same amidst all the changes I have experienced throughout my life. I moved to the United States when I was 9 years old and started a new life in a place that I didn’t understand because I struggled to speak the language and adapt to it’s custom. For first few years I struggled to find my place in academics and was always overwhelmed by the constant changes of school environments and other dynamics. As I continued my path, I began understand the many different customs and realized the city of Los Angeles was an international city; a city that served as a home for the European, Asian, Latino, African-American, Indian and many more cultures. Soon I found myself speaking and writing fluent English and enrolling for high-school classes. As a high-school student I engaged in different activities and began to narrow down my interests, to Literature and Political Science. As these interests became clearer and consistent, I began to think about life after high school. I came to the realization that I wanted to go to college, but I did not how to get there.

As a first generation student, I had no guidelines to begin a college application and often found myself wondering if I was truly capable of attending an institution that was highly competitive and costly. As I began to research the definitions of a bachelor’s degree and the importance of the SAT exam in order to be considered for admission at any four-year university; I noticed that all my teachers had gone through a similar process. I was fortunate enough to have patient instructors that answered my constant questions about personal statements and recommendations. As the idea of college appeared to be more permanent and familiar, I began talking about it with my peers, which often proved to be beneficial as we all reminded each other of FAFSA deadlines and informed each other available scholarships. Around May, I received my acceptance to CSU Channel Islands, which I committed to attending. My first year of college was full of confusion, difficult classes and the troubles of commuting. I was constantly tired and worried that I would not make it on time for next class or that I would not have enough time to study. However the challenges I faced clarified my passion for politics and the need I had to stay in college in order to improve my life. I exerted myself everyday at school and found an on campus job opportunity, tutoring centers and many more resources that have benefited me. The challenges I faced at the beginning of college have defined who I’m becoming today and how I see the world. The knowledge I have acquired from classes have transformed my perspectives and inspired me to proliferate knowledge and work towards the distribution of equal opportunity for those who like me, began life in a melting pot.