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Patty Saenz

Hometown: Richmond, California
Major: Chicanx Studies
Graduation Date: Spring, 2018
Career Plans: Work in Public Education and Nonprofit Mental Health Programs

My name is Patrisia Saenz and I am Chicanx Studies major with a double minor in Psychology and Communications. Like many college students, I switched my major. I started off as a Psychology major and was, convinced that this was what I wanted to study. As I started taking upper division classes within Psychology, I realized that Psychology was not the right fit. As I took Chicanx Studies classes, I found it easier to understand the content and I was engaged in reading articles about social justice on my free time. It has become my passion to study about my ancestors and that is when I decided to declare Chicanx Studies my major. Although I switched my major, it does not mean I have given up on Psychology. My goal is to provide Mental Health services for low income and underrepresented communities. Many low-income individuals do not have the resources to receive mental health, and I want to change that. Mental health is not a privilege, but a necessity for all.

 I am from Richmond, California which is 300 + miles away from CSU Channel Islands.. I come from a family of immigrants where my parents did not finish school. They stopped attending school before the age of 18 because they needed to help out their families. I am the first to go to college in my family, which makes me a first-generation student. I come from a low-income community where there were budget cuts in our school districts. As a result, libraries closed early and many schools were closed down. Due to close, schools started to become over populated and this made it more difficult for students in public schools to receive the proper guidance and resources to apply to college.

A lot of my friends who attended public schools were very intelligent, and had the potential to apply to college. Sadly, like many students who attend low-income schools do not receive the right tools. That is why I am a University Culture mentor. I want to provide mi gente the proper tools. I want to motivate students for higher education. I want to share my story, and let them know that they could also do it. Everyone is capable of going to college, and it is my job to make sure that students feel inspired to attend a University. There needs to be more people of color in higher positions. We need more people of color in the STEM fields, politics, and etc. The students are the future. You are our future!  Fight La Causa! La Lucha Sigue!