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Angel David Nishimura

Major: Math

Emphasis: Applied Math

Hometown: Santa Ana, CA

Career: BS in math and go into the Navy to obtain a job as a diesel engineer

Why go to college: I never really knew what college was till I first heard about it in 4th grade. A senior in high school came into my class because she was a student from my 4th grade teacher. She recently got accepted into UCLA or UC Berkeley and came to my classroom to celebrate with Mrs. Duarte (4th grade teacher of mine). Mrs. Duarte wrote the senior a $100 check and showed it to the class and said, “when you get accepted and are off to a university you come to me and I’ll be writing you a check as well.” That was the first time I ever heard of college, but never really paid attention to it I was more concerned on making it to 5th grade. In middle school I started to think more about college when 8th grade came around. I took part in an engineering/robotics club much like Project PROMESAS, but it involved UCI students coming to a public middle school during a Thursday and performing projects with us. I must thank my 8th grade geometry teacher for that and with his help I was able to get into a college readiness program called Upward Bound, which really prepared/assisted me in going to college. In high school, I was completely hooked on sports, working out, and extracurricular activities that didn’t a really help my family, and that was my main priority in high school. In my junior year I gave up sports because I wanted to get ahead of the competition in building my skills for an amazing job; took the medical route in ROP to get ahead in my academic aspirations in becoming a Physician Assistant.

Why CI: When applications opened, I had submitted all four applications for the UCs and Cal States. My UC applications were declined due to me not having to verify certain information in time, so I then knew that my Cal state applications were my last options to go into a four-year institution. I later learned that two out of four Cal States accepted my applications, Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Channel Islands. Sure, Cal State Fullerton is much closer to home, but I also wanted to feel independent with only the teachings of my mother to provide he. I’ve been in the campus countless of times thanks to Upward Bound of California State University Fullerton. So, I looked to Cal State Channel Islands and remembered what I could about the campus. I remembered visiting it once on a tour thanks to Cal State Fullerton Upward Bound and remembered how peaceful, quiet, serene, small, and green the campus looked when I visited. It was only 1 ½ hrs. away from home which was perfect in giving me that feel of complete independence while still being able to visit home even for a day.

Major: In high school, I wanted to be a physician’s assistant didn’t know how to exactly but just knew I wanted to do it. I went into the health path in ROP (now known as CTE) in high school and got a glimpse of what other positions are there in the health field besides nurses, doctors, and surgeons. What I saw did make my interest pursuing higher education into the health field. Giving the health field one last chance, I came to CI as a first-time freshman declared as a health science major. I realized that the work load and attention that the classes were going to require were not at my interest especially some of the life science courses. I was unhappy with my major I needed to change it fast, so I thought of what am I good at? I’m good at math and enjoy it. I was also influenced by the dedication and hard work of my high school calculus teacher. His persistence to doing better and not giving up on his students regardless of how many fails they encountered made me look at math problems not as a problem I don’t understand but as puzzles I just haven’t cracked the code to.

Fun Fact: What I like to do for fun is go out and watch movies and get very in-depth critique about them.