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Mariah Stewart

Hometown: Moorpark, CA

Major: Mechatronics Engineering

Minor: Environmental Science & Resource Management

From a young age my mom was very involved in my schoolwork. She taught the importance of school and saw my potential in STEM. Through her, I gained the drive to learn math and science and decided that it was what I wanted to do for my career. In order to further my education, that meant continuing my journey by going to college. In college I have learned so many more skills than I would have anywhere else.

I chose CSUCI for multiple reasons. CSUCI introduced Mechatronics Engineering to their course catalog the same time I was applying to college. This major caught my eye because I have always been fascinated by technology and robots. I also chose CSUCI because it was close to home. I wasn’t quite ready to go to a school far away from my parents and my friends and I figured that commuting to a school near me would be the best choice to take. I also admired the fact that CSUCI was a relatively smaller campus with small class sizes.

I chose Mechatronics Engineering because I have been surrounded by technology my whole life. My biggest hobby has always been gaming, so I’ve always been fascinated with computers and such. Mechatronics seemed interesting to me because it has a bunch of different engineering aspects all combined in one. It’s main aspect is building robots which is fun to me because I love building things hands on.

Fun fact: A fun fact about me is that I can still play the recorder that I got in my 6th grade class.