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Mishell Beylik

Hometown: Santa Paula, CA

Major: Mechatronics Engineering

Minor: Mathematics

I decided to go to college for a few reasons. First one is that I truly enjoy learning about things that interest me and college is the perfect place to do that. Having a college degree also gives me a huge advantage when it comes to applying for jobs and getting a position that I’ll truly enjoy and one that will pay well. I want to be able to give back and support my family and community that continue to support me.

I chose CSUCI because of the new Mechatronics Engineering program. I also really love the beautiful campus and the small class sizes. Because of the small faculty to student ratio, there are so many opportunities to get involved with organizations and research on campus. CSUCI is also close to home, the tuition is really affordable, and there are a lot of scholarships available.

I chose to major in Mechatronics Engineering because I joined the robotics program in high school. My mentor, Mr. MacMahon, made robotics really fun and immediately loved it. I find the fundamentals of engineering to be really enjoyable and I love designing systems, building things, and learning about how things work!

I only eat one food at a time on my plate (refuse to switch between foods) and I was probably a blacksmith in a past life.