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Jacqueline "Jacky" Chavez

Major: Sociology

Minor: Chicano/a Studies

Hometown: Santa Paula

Graduation Date: Spring 2022

I am the youngest of four and a first-generation college student. Growing up I knew I wanted to go to college or a University because not only did I want a better future, I wanted my parents to be proud of me for wanting to continue my education because they were not able to. My parents were always supportive of me when it came to my education and when I told them I wanted to continue my education at a university, they were excited because mostly no one from my extended family has a higher degree than high school. When I was filling out my CSU application I was nervous because I didn’t feel ready to come straight to a 4 year but with the support from my family and reassuring myself that I can do it I knew I was ready. I knew CI was the school for me because it was close to my family and reading about the school made feel excited to earn a degree. Being a first-time freshman at CI was scary because it was a whole new system compared to a high school. But after finishing my first semester I knew it was possible because when I saw I got a 3.0 I was so happy because I started off doubtful and my hard work paid off. I chose Sociology because not only did I know I wanted to work with children I wanted to learn the purpose of Sociology which is the study of people’s interactions/relationships in everyday life.

My future career goal is to become a Social Worker. I chose Social Work because not only do I want to help children I want to make a change of trying to decrease the number of child abuse cases. Becoming an aunt made me open my eyes even more to becoming a Social Worker because I wouldn't want anything to happen to them and I certainly don’t want anything to happen to other children. I plan to help others as a peer mentor by showing the resources we provide as a mentor and what is provided here at CSUCI. As a mentor I will be able to guide students into the right paths of continuing higher education and will be able to relate to any doubts or questions one will have because I have gone through it as well. I want to be someone that can help a student with anything and showing them they can trust me with either school or personal things.