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Daniel Quintana

Hometown: Los Osos, California

Major: Mathematics, Computer Science, Applied Physics

Why go to college: Personally I went to college because it was what was expected of me. It was taught to me as the natural path and given what career I wanted in the future having a degree was required.

Why CSUCI: I chose CSUCI because of the small campus and intimate community. It is very easy to get to know your professors when instead of being in 100+ person lecture halls, you are taking courses with sometimes less than 10 other students. Being at CSUCI allows you to develop closer connections with the staff far easier than any other university.

Major(Why?): I had difficulty choosing majors because I found all three of mine to be very interesting. In the end I never had to ‘choose’ because I just decided to do them all. It has been quite a bit of work but well worth it for the breadth of knowledge I have gained.

Fun fact: I love learning and picking up hobbies, which ranged from balisong tricks, to the piano, to yo-yoing!